Thursday, June 03, 2010

H E L P & Win a Prize

Vote for your favorite tattoo graphic by leaving a comment and
you're entered to win a skein of luscious sock yarn!

And the nominees are....

Just the graphic, not the "Knit-a-holic" text. This image has taken on a whole new meaning after the last fiber festival. :)

Just the sheep, not the "Baa."

Chinese character for knit. It also means, "weave" and "unite" as well.

Peace, Love, Knit

I Came, I Saw, I Knit


Marianne said...

hahahahah! I LOVE the first one!
as far as the others, my second choice would be the sheep, or the chinese characters (you're absolutely positive this is what they mean, right?) and although I really like the last two.. you do more than knit.
Also? I think there should be a crown in there somewhere, Queenie ;^)

Jadielady said...

I think I love the 1st one and the sheep. The Chinese and Latin you'll have to explain/define for people (which at first is lots of fun, but eventually it gets kind of old).
And instead of a skein of yarn, I'd be honored to accompany you and get more ink myself ;)

KnitNana said...

I'm partial to the Peace Love Knit!
(is my age showing?)

Julie said...

Oh crap, now I'm in trouble - you've given me more ideas! As for your tattoo - I like the first one (of course!) and I think that the four of us should get this one :-) I also like the sheep, but think you should do an all black sheep like mine; I'm partial to black sheep - mine's a serta sheep colored in ;-) I also like the idea of the chinese characters (and that's what I'm talking about when I say now I'm in trouble!) but MAKE CERTAIN that it's correct first.
Oh my Gawd, Maude; I wish I were there to go with you!!!!

Julie said...

p.s. where on your body are you planning to get it?

Dianne said...

I can tell right now that when we come to Maine and you get me all drunked up on Purltini''re going to 'ink my butt'...wooohoo..I love the first one also..