Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Welcome to my first "Ten on Tuesday". :)

Ten Ways to Entertain a Child
(*only the brave at heart would do this with kids in their home)

  1. *Painting;
  2. *Play-Doh and/or Sculpey;
  3. Museum trip;
  4. Playground and picnic;
  5. Building a fort out of chairs and blankets and then playing inside it together;
  6. Bicycle riding together;
  7. Baking cookies or cupcakes and then decorating them;
  8. Hide and Seek;
  9. Scavenger hunts;
  10. Reading a great book to the child or children.


Julie said...

Great list and awesome picture!

Clover recently learned how to play Hide and Seek with her cousins; when it's her turn to hide, she runs down the hall and shuts her eyes because you can't see her if her eyes are closed :-)

Marianne said...

That is a fabulous list!
hee. Clover. I know a couple of adults who think that very same thing :^D

Jadielady said...

And now for 10 ways to entertain a child when they aren't yours.
1. Candy
2. Cupcakes!
3. Vuvuzela!
4. a puppy
5. Quentin Terrantino Movie Marathon
6. Teach them how to freeze water balloons
7. Make slime
8. Bucky Balls (google them if you've never heard of them)
9. Go for a hike in a swamp, then take them straight home!
10. Beer!