Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Weekend Getaway

I had a Maryland weekend getaway. The highlight was time spent with the kids.

Only for this pair would I sit in cold hose water while fully dressed.

And it was cold as Briana's face shows.

And for the knitting...Bri modeled her new sweater, a "Fresh Picked Color Cardigan". :)

And here's a cute one of Mr. Creamsicle Mouth.


KnitNana said...

What a darling sweater!
(and you both look like you aren't fans of cold water!) *wink*

Anonymous said...

You'd never know you don't want to be in that cold water - you look like you are having the time of your life! And who wouldn't be, what with those adorable little ones!?

That sweater is so sweet - almost as sweet as the model.

Jadielady said...

It's a shame we never thought of that for Sedalia!! Looks like a blast :)

Marianne said...

yeah, I'm with Julie on this, it looks like you're having a blast and seriously, you have got to be The Very Best Auntie Ever!
Love love love that bitty sweater, and such a pretty colour for Brianna, and oh mercy, ovaries cramping, she's such a Beauty!

Dianne said...

It's really hard to tell who's having the most fun here..Is Dana having a 2nd childhood attack?..
The sweater is absolutely adorable.
You definitely win the Best Aunt Award!!

Marianne said...

sigh... Mr. Creamsicle Mouth... what a handsome (beautiful) young dude. I had to come back and enjoy the fun again.