Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Baby Knits

Normally, I'd be whining about how tired I am of knitting for babies, but honestly, I'm not. There are so many great patterns on Ravelry that I've only knitted the same thing maybe twice. Between the monster sale at Knitters Knook (ends Friday) and Ravelry, I've been going in different directions and loving it.

As a break from constant counting (the BSJs'), I knit a couple of simple hats for my nephew, Trevor, and his as yet unborn sister, Brianna.

Brianna's Newborn Hat #2 (Paton's Chunky Shetland)

Last weekend, Trevor grabbed the shades of pink Newborn Fixation Hat I made for Brianna and wore it (yes, it is that stretchy). In the interests of something warmer, I made him this hat with some leftover Plymouth Encore.

This is for a friend, Heather, who's expecting on December 11th. It's Debbie Bliss' Ribbed Baby Jacket. It was an incredibly easy knit and the only thing left to do is to i-cord the bottom so that it'll lay flat. I'll definitely make this one again and to avoid the i-cord, I'll seed stitch the first few bottom rows. (Red Heart Super Saver/Claret Fleck)

I've started a Pinwheel Blanket for Brianna. At first glance, it looks like a big, flat breast to me. LOL It's Mission Falls 1824 Cotton.

Last, but not least, my first 8 Hour Encore Baby Blanket (the blocks pattern).

Friday night, Dianne and I went to Jersey Lilly's for Becky's going away party. I had a great time, laughed until I ached and got to meet and/or know a couple of really wonderful people, e.g. Laura and Lynette. Rae sat across the table from me and kept me in stitches as only Rae can. I took a bunch of photos, but my ever present bad luck with cameras held true and the photos were blurry and indistinguishable. I will remember Friday for a long time to come and every time I think of it, I smile from ear-to-ear. :) Good luck Becky!

Monday, October 20, 2008

More F.O.s'

I really am waiting to "burn out" on knitting and take a small break, but it hasn't happened yet. Here's the latest finished objects...

A Mason Dixon Kimono for my niece and

her Baby Surprise Jacket (the neckline got too small on this one too). I really have to learn how to crochet edges. Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby Strangulation Jacket

Note to Self: Make the i-cord looser and/or learn to crochet a neckline. (As long as the top button isn't buttoned, the baby will survive). LOL

And another BSJ using Berrocco's Lullaby from Knitters Knook.

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ISO Advice

Arrgghhh...my skull hat has lost it's "spring."

This was the unwashed, but "springy" cap that I made for my nephew, Tyler.

I let it soak in a cold water wool wash for a couple of minutes, rinsed it gently and laid it out flat to dry. Unfortunately and ever since, it's been hanging like an overcooked lasagne noodle. Any advice on how I can tighten it up a little? I thought about the two minutes in the dryer (to at least make it a bit smaller), but I thought I'd check with you experts first. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. It's made from 100% merino (Brand Name: Takhi Torino). Thank you!

And on the flip side, yaaaayy! My first Baby Surprise Jacket (and first real garment) is all knitted up. I love it and can completely understand the whole "Zimmermania" philosophy now. Like everyone said, just trust the pattern (and notes & Becky's instructions) and knit. I still have put on the buttons and I want to dress up the neck line too, but the big part is complete.

This is my Cascade Fixation Newborn Hat for Alexandra Brianna (See, I can compromise). ;)

And I began her Mason Dixon Kimono yesterday. The pattern is really neat and I'm enjoying the easy knit of it all.

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Saturday at the Knook

Saturday morning I went to Knitters Knook and had a GREAT day. Yes, the sale is going on, but the infinitely more pleasurable part of the afternoon was just hanging out with Becky and Nikki.

The three of us sat of the couch, laughed, talked, and had lunch. The subjects ranged from Becky's arachnophobia, knitting patterns, films, what we've been doing lately and so on. Nikki and I also watched the comings and goings and I think this is commentary on Becky and even more so, how her departure is going to truly affect our knitting community.

At some point in the day, Nikki and I started keeping count on how many people came through the door and said, "Becky, please help" with either a pattern or some knitting in hand. I had done it earlier in the week via e-mail, but four different women, none of whom were together, walked in with a request for assistance during this one day. There was "Would you take a look at this scarf?", "What I did I do wrong on my sock?" and others. Becky always fixed the problem or reassured the knitter that everything looked good. She did it with a smile and was happy to help. This kind of selfless mentorship is incredibly rare and it's one of the reasons why Becky is so very, very special to everyone.

Now, before I start bawling, I'd better let this subject go.

Onto the pictures and purchases...

A Bryspun knitting bag

Nikki and I had this discussion:

"Dana, stop fondling the bag and just buy it. You know you want it."
"Yeah, but I'm really not fond of pink."
"It's not pink, it's rose-colored."
"Okay, I'll buy it."

And this Jordana Paige (if I remember correctly) tote became the "Alexandra" bag. My sister, Denise, is having a girl and I've named her "Alexandra." [Denise likes the name "Brianna", ergo the poll to the right. Please vote!] I plan on keeping all of my Alexandra knitting projects in this.

Mission Falls 1824 Cotton for Pinwheel Blanket No. 2

Cascade Fixation for the Ravelry pattern, Newborn Fixation Hat

Lang Bebe in a creamy peach color

Mission Falls 1824 superwash for the Mason Dixon Baby Kimono

Noro for Baby Surprise Jackets No. 2 & No. 3

Mission Falls 1824 superwash for Berry Hat

And finally, four skeins of Encore in autumn colors (for me & my knitting corner during winter).

Becky & Nikki, thanks for Saturday; it was the best!