Monday, October 06, 2008

Saturday at the Knook

Saturday morning I went to Knitters Knook and had a GREAT day. Yes, the sale is going on, but the infinitely more pleasurable part of the afternoon was just hanging out with Becky and Nikki.

The three of us sat of the couch, laughed, talked, and had lunch. The subjects ranged from Becky's arachnophobia, knitting patterns, films, what we've been doing lately and so on. Nikki and I also watched the comings and goings and I think this is commentary on Becky and even more so, how her departure is going to truly affect our knitting community.

At some point in the day, Nikki and I started keeping count on how many people came through the door and said, "Becky, please help" with either a pattern or some knitting in hand. I had done it earlier in the week via e-mail, but four different women, none of whom were together, walked in with a request for assistance during this one day. There was "Would you take a look at this scarf?", "What I did I do wrong on my sock?" and others. Becky always fixed the problem or reassured the knitter that everything looked good. She did it with a smile and was happy to help. This kind of selfless mentorship is incredibly rare and it's one of the reasons why Becky is so very, very special to everyone.

Now, before I start bawling, I'd better let this subject go.

Onto the pictures and purchases...

A Bryspun knitting bag

Nikki and I had this discussion:

"Dana, stop fondling the bag and just buy it. You know you want it."
"Yeah, but I'm really not fond of pink."
"It's not pink, it's rose-colored."
"Okay, I'll buy it."

And this Jordana Paige (if I remember correctly) tote became the "Alexandra" bag. My sister, Denise, is having a girl and I've named her "Alexandra." [Denise likes the name "Brianna", ergo the poll to the right. Please vote!] I plan on keeping all of my Alexandra knitting projects in this.

Mission Falls 1824 Cotton for Pinwheel Blanket No. 2

Cascade Fixation for the Ravelry pattern, Newborn Fixation Hat

Lang Bebe in a creamy peach color

Mission Falls 1824 superwash for the Mason Dixon Baby Kimono

Noro for Baby Surprise Jackets No. 2 & No. 3

Mission Falls 1824 superwash for Berry Hat

And finally, four skeins of Encore in autumn colors (for me & my knitting corner during winter).

Becky & Nikki, thanks for Saturday; it was the best!


Julie said...

Wow, is all that baby knitting for Alexandra? Yes, I voted for Alexandra; I certainly hope your sister will abide by our decision!

Nikki said...

It was a great day wasn't it?? I enjoyed visiting with you and Becky immensely!!

Dianne said... did quite well!!

becky said...

I had a blast that day and was so so happy to have you guys there with me! That is what I will miss more than anything about the shop. Thank you so much for everything, Dana!

Jadielady said...

Sounds like you all had a blast!! And good gravy that baby is going to be all decked out now isn't she?

I remember when we were at Becky's and people kept coming in asking for help.
I hope to get up there again, I just don't know when I can...

Marianne said...

Hee... I can't resist...
Wow, is all that baby knitting for Brianna? heheheheheheh. Yes, I love the name Brianna. :^)
Yowza, that's a whole lotta fabulous projects you have stacked up! I'm really looking forward to seeing the bsjs, gorgeous colours in that Noro yarn!
I'm so sad for all you knitterly peeps there... wah!

Angela Cox said...

Oh my ,oh my what a lot of gorgeous goodies , happy knitting Granny to be !.