Monday, April 26, 2010

We're with the band....

The 12th Annual Celtic Festival is finished! Dianne and I can now turn our attention exclusively to the upcoming fiber festival. I wish all of you could've seen Dianne in action! She kept it all flowing, MC'ed the event, greeted vendors and when she learned the concessions staff was short a few people, she dove in and served hot dogs and hamburgers to the crowd. Linda and her grandson, Logan, were our raffle volunteers and they were excellent. It was soooo good to sit down with Linda and just relax here and there. Logan kept me laughing the whole time. :)

During the last set of Enter the Haggis' performance, Dianne pulled me onto the dance floor and it was a ball. Everyone was dancing and carrying on. When ETH finished, Dianne went onstage and led the "Encore!" shouts. ETH agreed and the last song was great.

Afterwards, I took these photos....

Doesn't Dianne look awesome?!?!? (A new Haggis Head is born). :) In the left corner is Jennifer, another knitter and Haggis lover.

And see what Jennifer did....

It's a Jayne Cobb hat for all of you Firefly/Serenity lovers. Modeling it is Brian, the lead singer of Enter the Haggis.

I bought a couple of goodies too. This is a Faerieworks plaque that I liked.

And a couple of bookmarks also done by Jennifer of Faerieworks.
And this is the sign that Jennifer made for me! I love it and thank you again Jen!

And finally, Andie won this is in the raffle. Andie's room is faery-themed, so this
Faerieworks print was a welcome addition!

Andie got to spend a large part of the day with ETH. There was a pickup game of soccer and just quiet time spent talking. She enjoyed herself enormously and ETH was as delightful as they could be! Great music and equally great guys.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I Knit, I Do,

...but there's been precious little time for it lately. One thing that was finished not too long ago is Wyatt's jester hat. Brianna tried it on for fun last weekend (and munched on my toothbrush for good measure too).

Monday, April 05, 2010


This is the Schacht Cricket in its original state.

Here's the Cricket after its first coat of Tung oil. The wood looks much prettier finished.

Meet Aiobhe (pronounced "Eva", which is Irish for "beauty"). She's a LeClerc Dorothy table loom. I drove up to Richmond on Saturday and picked her up from Cherri Hankins, an amazing fiber artist who has a to-dye-for studio filled with wet felted tapestries, woven goodies, looms et cetera. Cherri spins, weaves, knits, sews and is a force of nature. She also [bless her] sells very nice used equipment at fair prices!

Ahem. My little hobby is beginning to take over the living room. In addition to Aiobhe, I also picked up a LeClerc warping board.

Now, here's the kicker. How do I know that I'm fiber-obsessed? I like a clean house and I'm a fastidious housekeeper. My car, by contrast, is the "Ebola-mobile." I normally couldn't care less what the interior looks like...

...until it was time to pack up the girls.

Yes, I cleaned the car for the fiber equipment, not the kids or myself. :D