Tuesday, April 28, 2009

R 'n R Fantasy, Part 2

Andie discovered this waiting in her MySpace mailbox this morning:

Apr 28, 20093:19 AM
Enter The Haggis
RE: Hi!!
Apr 28, 2009 3:19 AM
RE: Hi!!
Thanks Andie - nice picture, haha. See you next time we're around!-Brian-----------------

"Brian", as in Brian Buchanan, the lead vocal of Enter the Haggis.
The photo he mentions is Andie's new MySpace profile picture:

Also, here are a couple more photos that I overlooked yesterday. All of the band members signed the t-shirt and CD we purchased at the festival. :)


Monday, April 27, 2009

Andie's Rock 'n Roll Fantasy

Andie and I spent Saturday, March 25th, at Sedalia's Celtic Festival as volunteers. We went there, happy to help out, and hoping to enjoy ourselves a little too. Well, WE ENJOYED OURSELVES THOROUGHLY to say the very least. There was an amazing band, Enter the Haggis, that played at the festival. They were phenomenal! The band members were charming, nice, incredibly talented and they turned the festival into a first-rate party.

What I also enjoyed was Andie's reaction to it all. She danced, clapped, carried on and "fell in love" for the first time. All I can say is that I left the festival thinking, "We will survive these teen years and have fun together as adults."

\m/ Rock on! \m/

Andie w/Brian, the lead vocal, after the day show.

And again, after the evening performance.
(If any of you relatives mail a copy of this to Dad/Grandpa/Edward, I will hunt you down).

Saturday, April 11, 2009

March & April

The month of March can be described as "sick, sick & more sick." I had pneumonia, Mohamed had both the flu and bronchitis and the kids had "the crud." We're all better now, but it was a long, germy, miserable month. On the bright side, however, here's the fun & happy stuff from the last six weeks or so.

1) A Nana Sadie Rose Posy bag. I had coveted this tote last summer at Knitters Knook, but I kept telling myself, "No more bags!" Finally, I caved (and happily).

2) Dianne gifted me this BEAUTIFUL Mission Falls 1824 Cotton shawl. I've already worn it more than half a dozen times and I adore it. Thank you again Dianne!

3) With my NSR sock monkey bag in hand, I have finally started knitting socks again. I'm using this lovely, hand-dyed fiber that Jadie gave me at Christmas.

4) My BIL asked me to make as obnoxious a warmer as I could for his younger brother. It's a gag birthday gift.

This is his six-page-spread Playgirl centerfold/professional model brother....LOL
5) I redid the buttons on my first cable knit pillow and I'm much happier with the results.

6) Mohamed liked my pillow so well that he asked for one of his own.

and finally, 7) The Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival 2009. I am SOOOO excited for a variety of reasons. We've been working our fannies off, but it's going to be wonderful. Saturday, May 16th, here I come. :D