Saturday, April 11, 2009

March & April

The month of March can be described as "sick, sick & more sick." I had pneumonia, Mohamed had both the flu and bronchitis and the kids had "the crud." We're all better now, but it was a long, germy, miserable month. On the bright side, however, here's the fun & happy stuff from the last six weeks or so.

1) A Nana Sadie Rose Posy bag. I had coveted this tote last summer at Knitters Knook, but I kept telling myself, "No more bags!" Finally, I caved (and happily).

2) Dianne gifted me this BEAUTIFUL Mission Falls 1824 Cotton shawl. I've already worn it more than half a dozen times and I adore it. Thank you again Dianne!

3) With my NSR sock monkey bag in hand, I have finally started knitting socks again. I'm using this lovely, hand-dyed fiber that Jadie gave me at Christmas.

4) My BIL asked me to make as obnoxious a warmer as I could for his younger brother. It's a gag birthday gift.

This is his six-page-spread Playgirl centerfold/professional model brother....LOL
5) I redid the buttons on my first cable knit pillow and I'm much happier with the results.

6) Mohamed liked my pillow so well that he asked for one of his own.

and finally, 7) The Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival 2009. I am SOOOO excited for a variety of reasons. We've been working our fannies off, but it's going to be wonderful. Saturday, May 16th, here I come. :D


Jadielady said...

I was gonna leave a comment but then I noticed your little puzzle and now ... I forget what I was gonna say.
*counting down to 5/16 as well* :D

Marianne said...

LOL, reading Jadie's comment I had to go back and look... what puzzle?!?!? I found it, sheesh :^)
now where was I? OH!
SO sorry to hear everyone has been sick and you? pneumonia?!?!? I'm so glad and relieved that everyone is doing 'all better now'.
Cute bag, so... Queen of All Bags?
That is one gorgeous and happy cotton shawl, it just sings 'Spring is Here!' Is it wrong for me to feel so proud of Dianne? I am, very proud of her!
Love the colours in the Jadie hand dyed yarn.
Seriously? is that your BIL's kid bro? Yowza. Hey... did I just hear you call me 'little girl' again? or was that an 'easy missy'?
Those are beautiful pillows, lovin' the buttons, on both!
Was truly hoping I'd be able to make it to your neck of the woods this May, but.. Havala's Wedding, the economy suckage, and we're having to replace our heat/air system... but, uh... you might check Dianne's pocket, that's where I was hangin' out last year ;^)
I'm seriously pouting though, big time. Here's to hoping for the best in 2010!

Marianne said...

ffs, I shoulda just emailed you. sorry.

KnitNana said...

Thanks so much for your support of Nana Sadie Rose! I was so surprised to see you'd purchased the Sock Monkey bag, but then I thought, "no...this was bound to happen eventually!"
When you love something that much, at least...

I'm glad you and yours are feeling better now!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear everyone is feeling better!

I love you new sock monkey bag; too cute.
What a lovely shawl from Dianne.

I'm with Marianne on the kid brother thing. Is it getting hot in here; I suddenly feel a bit hot ;-) Yummy!

Angela Cox said...

to hear you've all been so ill . Pneumonia is so serious and I guess you have to pay for medical care ? Maybe you both have insurance from employers , I hope so . Let's hope for some sunny weather for those Soltani lungs !

Angela Cox said...

Ouch !! Fannies to the English aren't butts but close !!