Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm Off the Hook, Part Two

The story continues....

The kids and I left my sister's home on Monday and returned to our daily routines on Tuesday. I was still in a bit of pain, but it wasn't as uncomfortable and with being so very busy at work, I ignored it and kept moving forward.

2. Dana lands in the local emergency room. Wednesday morning, my abdomen would not be ignored. It hurt to cough and to breathe. Despite my absolute fear, terror and utter loathing of all things related to needles, I went to hospital. After multiple injections, withdraws, a CT scan and half a liter of iced-down contrast dye to drink (I almost would've preferred a shot in this case), I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. (Yes, Dad, I do see the writing on the wall and will change my ways). In a nutshell, I have consume more fiber, less red meat and more vegetables. I left the hospital Wednesday afternoon feeling nauseated, exhausted and more than a little disgusted with myself. The sour mood carried over the next couple of days, but then something wonderful happened and it just brightened my week immeasurably.

3. A lavender scented bit of Heaven was found in the mailbox. Yes, Marianne's socks arrived and I was, quite literally, astounded. Made from a soft sage green Merino wool, these socks are incredible! They're as soft as they can be and the tiny, immaculate stitches are unbelievable. My photos cannot possibly do them justice, but here's an attempt.

Look at the lace detail!

And, as if the socks weren't enough, Marianne also included stitchmarkers and chocolate! I was floored... just floored... and the carepackage made a lousy week wonderful again.

Marianne, I can't possibly thank you enough!

I put the socks on my feet before bed on Saturday night and went to sleep. For the first time this winter, my toes didn't get cold during the night. Waking up Sunday morning (in a much brighter mood and feeling like my pre-illness self), I tucked my new socks between my mattresses and there they are right now. These are my "sleep socks." I only wear them at night. They've become, if you will, my "blankie" in only two short days. That's the honest truth. :)

The stitch markers are just as beautiful and I treasure them!

P.S. "I'm Off the Hook," the title of the blog, refers to my situation. I now understand why you sockers love socks. Yes, there's a galaxy-sized diffference between Hanes and "Marianne's Magyckical Masterpieces." That said, I should eat crow. And more crow. And more crow after that. However, I must avoid red meat, ergo...I'm off the hook. LOL Now, would one of you kind ladies please e-mail me a very simple, straight-forward sock pattern? As soon as my current projects are done (yours is felting as we speak, Marianne), I'm going to try socks again. [Intense blushing in Bedford].

Again, thank you Marianne!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm Off The Hook, Part One

It's been a wonderful, awful, and unbelievable week. I've been "missing in action" lately or at least, it felt that way to me. The chronological order events, starting from last weekend up to today, are as follows:

1. Spent last weekend with Denise. After an almost year-long absence, I spent an incredible weekend with my sister and her family. It was fulfilling (a strange word, but appropriate) to see her again, spend time in her company, catch up, rant, gossip, giggle and snort. Over the previous year, I felt as though a part of me was missing and that part, naturally, was my sister. I finally had a chance to spend quality time with her kids and get to re-know my youngest nephew, Trevor, who will be two years old in June.

I didn't get a chance to teach her to knit; we were too busy just hanging out together if that makes any sense. Trevor also kept us very busy. The boy is a "blur". He runs from one activity to the next, charming everyone, from breakfast to bedtime. I genuinely tried to get a decent photo of him, but literally, all but two of the photos were a blur.

Trevor checking on my son. "Who can be asleep while I'm up?!?"

He slowed down for one other photo too. He was modeling the latest fashion trend, unitard with cowboy boots.

The one blemish on the weekend was the abdominal pain I kept having. I thought to myself that it was the chili I ate, cramps, or sitting/driving for five straight hours in the car. Depressingly, the weekend came to end and it was time to return home.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Missionary Knitting

It was originally planned that my sister, Denise, who recently moved back to Maryland from the suburbs of Denver would come to my home this weekend. Sadly, the plans fell through and she isn't able to make the trip to Bedford.

Imagining the combined howls of our children when they learned that we would not be getting together this weekend (not to mention my own - - I haven't seen my sister in almost a year), I gamely decided to brave the wilds of Washington and Maryland again. I'm going to make the trek - - five long hours in a car with with a pair of "Are we there yet?" kids.

For the last year, Denise has heard all about my knitting...probably in excruciating and unwanted detail. It's something she admires, but has never tried. She likes the product, but doesn't know the process of it.

I have a goal. I'm going to teach Denise how to knit this weekend and if she doesn't like it, then I'll rip all the hair out of her head (just like in the old days). LOL One of the keys to knitting, in my opinion, is loving the fiber running through your fingers. With that in mind, I wondered if there were any LYS' in Denise's area. A quick online search and LO and BEHOLD....I struck gold!

1. Ch'naca Farm and Fiber Works. This baby is only 0.3 miles from her house!

2. Crazy for Ewe. 45 minutes away.

3. Stitch Today Knot Tomorrow. 0.6 miles away.

She doesn't stand a chance!

This is my favorite photo of us.

It was taken about 14 years and 100 lbs ago (in my case).

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's been a very quiet and pleasant two weeks. The focus lately has been on family. My daughter, Andie, celebrated her 12th birthday on 2.2.07 and the next day, we enjoyed a mother-daughter shopping & dinner expedition. It was a lot of fun and I'm stupified (that's a good word) at how quickly she and her brother are growing up and maturing. Skander will become a teenager on 2.25.07 (13th birthday) and I'm still in denial. :)

I've been knitting quite a bit lately, but the projects are for folks who read this, so I don't want to upload photos quite yet.

Now for the weather.... Bedford finally got snow last night and it was a nice compromise. There was enough white stuff to cover the ground and feel/look like a real snowfall, but the roads were clear this morning. At long last, winter has arrived.

Photographed here is my completed and long-since mailed Red Scarf project, an Irish Hiking. Swallowtail Shawl class starts Friday and I'm really looking forward it! I'm pretty nervous ("LACEWEIGHT?!?!," she says panicking), but excited too. Please wish me luck (I'm going to need it). Cheers all!