Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm Off The Hook, Part One

It's been a wonderful, awful, and unbelievable week. I've been "missing in action" lately or at least, it felt that way to me. The chronological order events, starting from last weekend up to today, are as follows:

1. Spent last weekend with Denise. After an almost year-long absence, I spent an incredible weekend with my sister and her family. It was fulfilling (a strange word, but appropriate) to see her again, spend time in her company, catch up, rant, gossip, giggle and snort. Over the previous year, I felt as though a part of me was missing and that part, naturally, was my sister. I finally had a chance to spend quality time with her kids and get to re-know my youngest nephew, Trevor, who will be two years old in June.

I didn't get a chance to teach her to knit; we were too busy just hanging out together if that makes any sense. Trevor also kept us very busy. The boy is a "blur". He runs from one activity to the next, charming everyone, from breakfast to bedtime. I genuinely tried to get a decent photo of him, but literally, all but two of the photos were a blur.

Trevor checking on my son. "Who can be asleep while I'm up?!?"

He slowed down for one other photo too. He was modeling the latest fashion trend, unitard with cowboy boots.

The one blemish on the weekend was the abdominal pain I kept having. I thought to myself that it was the chili I ate, cramps, or sitting/driving for five straight hours in the car. Depressingly, the weekend came to end and it was time to return home.


Dianne said...

HI Dana,
Glad your trip was so fun..great you could catch up with your Sister and family.
Hmm...adominal pain..(Please tell me you didn't eat Peter Pan)are you ok now?..
Linda and I were at YT yesterday and decided we missed you and called because you were MIA..
Chat soon..hugs and Happy Knitting~

mobishobel said...

Yay for spending time with family. My brother goes to college in Arkansas, and I only see him once or twice a year. We used to fight like demons when we were kids, but now I really love hanging out with him. Go figure.

I hope your feeling better. If symptoms persist, be sure to get it checked out. Serious illness detracts from knitting time!

Looking forward to Part Two!

Marianne said...

Ack, you left us hanging...and with you in pain....I am so sorry!
I am glad you had such a wonderful time with your sister and enjoying the family time, I am so loving the red long sleeved onesie and cowboy boots on Trevor! What a cutie!
I hope we get Part Two SOON, I was very worried about you...I posted your socks to you last wednesday...
I hope you're feeling better now, was it your appendix?