Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Missionary Knitting

It was originally planned that my sister, Denise, who recently moved back to Maryland from the suburbs of Denver would come to my home this weekend. Sadly, the plans fell through and she isn't able to make the trip to Bedford.

Imagining the combined howls of our children when they learned that we would not be getting together this weekend (not to mention my own - - I haven't seen my sister in almost a year), I gamely decided to brave the wilds of Washington and Maryland again. I'm going to make the trek - - five long hours in a car with with a pair of "Are we there yet?" kids.

For the last year, Denise has heard all about my knitting...probably in excruciating and unwanted detail. It's something she admires, but has never tried. She likes the product, but doesn't know the process of it.

I have a goal. I'm going to teach Denise how to knit this weekend and if she doesn't like it, then I'll rip all the hair out of her head (just like in the old days). LOL One of the keys to knitting, in my opinion, is loving the fiber running through your fingers. With that in mind, I wondered if there were any LYS' in Denise's area. A quick online search and LO and BEHOLD....I struck gold!

1. Ch'naca Farm and Fiber Works. This baby is only 0.3 miles from her house!

2. Crazy for Ewe. 45 minutes away.

3. Stitch Today Knot Tomorrow. 0.6 miles away.

She doesn't stand a chance!

This is my favorite photo of us.

It was taken about 14 years and 100 lbs ago (in my case).


Marianne said...

Love that old photo of her as a child. I also love the photo of you two together, the both of you...babes. Dana, I saw your photo on Dianne's blog, you're beautiful, and I'm meaning that physically and spiritually speaking...
Your sis doesn't have a chance, which makes her a very lucky woman!
Have fun, be safe, make.good.time. (I know you will)

mobishobel said...

Nice. Way to spread the obsess-... I mean, love.

Five hour car trip, huh? Good luck. This is where a car with a DVD player comes in handy. Or if your kids were knitters. Working on my dad's Christmas scarf got me partially through the 15 hour car ride to Arkansas.

Also, the pic of you and your sis is smokin'. That is a really good color on you!

angie Cox said...

Oh yes do teach er to knit.For me the greatest pleasure is the colours and the fact that I can make garments in the colour I want when I want.Have a safe and happy trip .So I await another blogger , another stash to ogle ..wonderful !

angie Cox said...

the "H" got lost but it looks like I am doing a bad Cockney.."her" .

Dianne said...

I think Denise will be knitting by the end of the weekend..any takers?..
Dana, that is such a beautiful photo of you and your sister! You haven't changed a bit..still gorgeous!
Hope for a safe, fun and knitful trip..and can't wait to hear LYS stories..hugs