Thursday, October 19, 2006

Any Takers?

I am trying to create a local knitting group and I would love for you to join me. My very random thoughts on this group are as follows:

a) Meet one Sunday a month (or more if everyone would like) at my home in Moneta or perhaps another place in Bedford,

b) Everyone and all skill levels are welcome, and

c) You can bring your own project along and/or help with a community-based project, e.g. baby hats for the local WIC office or Warm Up America. (Please see to see the WIC baby hats and to learn more about this organization).

If you're interested, please contact me via Comments or my e-mail address, and I will reply.

(P.S. - The above pictures are "me playing." The names are just ideas and being my obnoxious self, the third is my favorite. Hope to hear from you soon! ) :) Dana

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sock Class

Last Thursday evening was my first sock class and in all honesty, I bombed. I had purchased two small skeins of Wildfoote and had visions of lovely socks dancing in my mind. In reality, my contact lenses were drying out, the Wildfoote kept splitting as I attempted to knit with the tiny size 1 circulars and my sausage-like fingers refused to work. To cap it all off, my head started pounding and I thought, "ENOUGH!"

Know thyself. I know myself well enough to admit that patience isn't one of my abundant virtues, nor is eyesight. That said, I reached over and grabbed a pair of size 8 circulars and a skein of Lamb's Pride (I'm in love with this yarn) and instead of a sock, I began knitting a Christmas stocking. It's the same principle and plan, however it's much more suited to blind, impatient, big-fisted me. :) So far, so good. The photograph colors look bizarre, but the main color is a bright, deep red and the stripes and Fair Isle knitting are in a deep green.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Cables

The cables are coming along nicely. Unfortunately, I didn't buy quite enough blue or black Berrocco [sic], so I'm making one long blue & black Irish hiking scarf. I really enjoy the cables and never ever imagined that they would be so easy (thank you Jan for showing me how to "CSF6"!).

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Knit Til You Drop

One would think that that was my motto this past three day weekend. When I left work on Friday, I had the best of intentions. I planned to scrub out the oven, scour the bathrooms, and make our house immaculate. Instead, I sat on my bum, served frozen pizzas for dinner and knitted my way through two pairs of clogs.

Oh well, there's always something to clean and while the housekeeping will wait, the holidays won't. Furthermore, it's gotten cold lately and I want a pair of slippers for me. :)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

We've been busy

We've been busy gearing up for Christmas. In fact, the first cool day we had, I went into a frenzy of knitting that hasn't yet stopped. Here's a Manos del Uruguay scarf and below, a Lamb's Pride Supreme Purple and Oatmeal scarf. The Lamb's scarf was made from slipper and hat leftover yarn.

Andie's been knitting too. She's still working on her purple Manos (which I'm tempted to steal from her because a) she's not done yet and b) I really like the color - - it's grown on me). She's also working her way through a skein of Lamb's Pride Pink (bulky). Work and school keep taking a chunk out of our knitting time. :)

Exciting news....Sock class starts next week.