Saturday, October 07, 2006

We've been busy

We've been busy gearing up for Christmas. In fact, the first cool day we had, I went into a frenzy of knitting that hasn't yet stopped. Here's a Manos del Uruguay scarf and below, a Lamb's Pride Supreme Purple and Oatmeal scarf. The Lamb's scarf was made from slipper and hat leftover yarn.

Andie's been knitting too. She's still working on her purple Manos (which I'm tempted to steal from her because a) she's not done yet and b) I really like the color - - it's grown on me). She's also working her way through a skein of Lamb's Pride Pink (bulky). Work and school keep taking a chunk out of our knitting time. :)

Exciting news....Sock class starts next week.


Dianne said...

Dana, I stay away for a few weeks and you have an entire chest of new knitted 'goodies'..I love them the sites..I've been knitting away..but fail to blog..hope to do better soon..Keep up the lovely must be very close to being finished your Christmas gift list.

Leedand said...

BBBUUURRR it sure is COLD in Colorado!!!