Monday, October 16, 2006

Sock Class

Last Thursday evening was my first sock class and in all honesty, I bombed. I had purchased two small skeins of Wildfoote and had visions of lovely socks dancing in my mind. In reality, my contact lenses were drying out, the Wildfoote kept splitting as I attempted to knit with the tiny size 1 circulars and my sausage-like fingers refused to work. To cap it all off, my head started pounding and I thought, "ENOUGH!"

Know thyself. I know myself well enough to admit that patience isn't one of my abundant virtues, nor is eyesight. That said, I reached over and grabbed a pair of size 8 circulars and a skein of Lamb's Pride (I'm in love with this yarn) and instead of a sock, I began knitting a Christmas stocking. It's the same principle and plan, however it's much more suited to blind, impatient, big-fisted me. :) So far, so good. The photograph colors look bizarre, but the main color is a bright, deep red and the stripes and Fair Isle knitting are in a deep green.

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