Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Baby Knits

Normally, I'd be whining about how tired I am of knitting for babies, but honestly, I'm not. There are so many great patterns on Ravelry that I've only knitted the same thing maybe twice. Between the monster sale at Knitters Knook (ends Friday) and Ravelry, I've been going in different directions and loving it.

As a break from constant counting (the BSJs'), I knit a couple of simple hats for my nephew, Trevor, and his as yet unborn sister, Brianna.

Brianna's Newborn Hat #2 (Paton's Chunky Shetland)

Last weekend, Trevor grabbed the shades of pink Newborn Fixation Hat I made for Brianna and wore it (yes, it is that stretchy). In the interests of something warmer, I made him this hat with some leftover Plymouth Encore.

This is for a friend, Heather, who's expecting on December 11th. It's Debbie Bliss' Ribbed Baby Jacket. It was an incredibly easy knit and the only thing left to do is to i-cord the bottom so that it'll lay flat. I'll definitely make this one again and to avoid the i-cord, I'll seed stitch the first few bottom rows. (Red Heart Super Saver/Claret Fleck)

I've started a Pinwheel Blanket for Brianna. At first glance, it looks like a big, flat breast to me. LOL It's Mission Falls 1824 Cotton.

Last, but not least, my first 8 Hour Encore Baby Blanket (the blocks pattern).

Friday night, Dianne and I went to Jersey Lilly's for Becky's going away party. I had a great time, laughed until I ached and got to meet and/or know a couple of really wonderful people, e.g. Laura and Lynette. Rae sat across the table from me and kept me in stitches as only Rae can. I took a bunch of photos, but my ever present bad luck with cameras held true and the photos were blurry and indistinguishable. I will remember Friday for a long time to come and every time I think of it, I smile from ear-to-ear. :) Good luck Becky!


Jadielady said...

Heheh the blanket does look a bit nippish doesn't it?
I love all the projects you're making, though thankfully I think baby fever is finally over for my friends.

Marianne said...

LOL on your breast blankie!
Baby knits are just so much fun and they're all so sweet, Love ALL your baby projects, those are some Very Lucky Babies!
Brianna. heh. ;^)

We'll need to figure a 'time' for the toast,eh?

emmy said...

I love all your beautiful knits but what I loved most of all tonight is your banner! It brought tears to my eyes. I miss that part of Virginia soooo bad, I haven't been there since early September.Enjoy your wonderful view for me and keep on knitting!!

Spinning Lara said...

Your new banner is beautiful! It would look better if you started the sheep farm like we talked about and had them grazing in front of the Peaks there, but still very awesome! LOL Love all the baby goodies you are knitting :)

Anonymous said...

What Fun..and I did take a few pix..I need to upload and see what I have..none of the handsome man across the table,..lol!!!
I love all your new baby items..and the sweater turned out beautifully!!
I just found out this morn. that my neighbors other daughter is pregnant..so another reason to make a blankie..YEZ..and imagine that I have enough in my stash without having to go out~..Thanks to you and your efforts to help Becky reduce her stock!!

Anonymous said...

You have been one very busy woman! Love all the baby knits.
The "breast blankie" is going to be very pretty and I bet it's really soft!