Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Kids

Here's a parade of assorted Alexander "babies" at Halloween. Enjoy!


Hannah the Jaguar, Sabrina the Butterfly and Olivia the Elephant

Andie the Witch (with friend)

Hope you had a safe and fun Halloween. :)


Marianne said...

Hee, Wyatt, what a SMILE! and would you look at how big those babies have grown?!?!?!?
(not you, Andie, I know, you're just maturing, right? :^D

Jadielady said...

*waves at all the childrens*

I got an email today from a co-worker, baby's first halloween they put him in a crushed velvet robe with some barbies :P
He was Hugh Heffner.

Julie said...

What fun pictures! Those babies are adorable and Andie is quite the beautiful witch.

Angela Cox said...

Oh the darlings !