Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ISO Knitting Time

The family and I have been running around so much lately that I'm starving for some quiet knitting time. Y'all know the, cleaning, trips, grocery runs, and work (the salaried version) have just taken over lately. I was able to squeak out my cousin's scarf in time for the marathon trip.

I'm taking another plunge into something new...mittens. I've never done them before, but seeing the lovely ones that Dianne and Linda made really inspired me (they and the cold weather too).

Finally, here's Wyatt in my first BSJ. By next winter, it should fit well. :)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


Dianne said...

You Know Dana, there's just never enough time to do the things we want to do..even not working, my knitting is taking a back seat..which makes me angry..I really think I must learn to knit and drive..since I have the perfect answer if I get yelled to PULL OVER..I can's a scarf, mittens or whatever it may be for that day..
AS always your work is gorgeous..the scarf turned out really motivates me to get mine off the needles that I've got about a third complete..and your cuff for the terrific...keep it up!!..It's almost done when you finish the cuff~~

Marianne said...

Way to go with the scarf! and Wyatt is adorable in his bsj!
Yay! for mittens!! You'll love them, kinda like socks without heels and add a thumb, so easy and fun!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Dana, and your loved ones xoxoxoxox

Jadielady said...

Lovely!!!! I think I might have to try some mittens. After I do these 4 pairs of Fetchings *sigh* But I'm almost done with the left for the 1st pair, and I just cast on Monday.
Thank you for the roving and the book too!!!

Spinning Lara said...

Dana, I always wonder how you find the time to do all the knitting that I see posted on your blog! You are amazing! :) Everything is beautiful!

Julie said...

Oh man, I can totally relate to the search for some quiet time!

Look at little Wyatt - what an absolute doll; the BSJ isn't bad either ;-)

Mittens are fun and so quick; looking forward to seeing yours finished.