Monday, November 17, 2008

Marathon Highlights

We had a great weekend. Mohamed ran in the 2008 Richmond Marathon (26.2 miles)! Here are the highlights:

We stayed with my cousin, Kori, in Richmond. It was great to spend time with her and she was the soul of patience & hospitality as she guided us through Richmond.

Mohamed did the marathon with his friend, Bill.

The starting line.

Pumped up before the race.
Almost time.
And they're off!

Resting afterwards.


Robin said...

AWESOME!!!!!! Maybe someday I'll get there....

Dianne said...

What wonderful photos..I love the last one..that's definitely one for enlargement..I wish the weather had been nicer for him..and I have other questions also..but later I will ask.

Marianne said...

Dude! Congratulations! What an accomplishment!

(seriously, dang, Dana, he sure is easy on the eye :^)

Jadielady said...

Congratulations!! That's quite an accomplishment :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mohamed - way to go!

p.s. Marianne took the words right out of my mouth - you have one very handsome man there!

Becky said...

How wonderful! It's just an awesome accomplishment and I am just completely impressed!

Angela Cox said...

Well done Mo..oh boy does he look tired in that last picture !