Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

(and I pirated this from Noolie's site). ;D

Last night I finished Larry's waaaaay overdue slipper. Becky and I had trouble getting our hands on Wool Pak's Bracken colorway and I literally waited eight weeks or more to get a hank. I'm going to felt it tonight and ship it to Larry this week. It's mate is already finished and felted.
This was a weekend Calorimetry project for my boss, Linda.

And my first 8-Hour Encore baby blanket. Dianne shared her

wonderful book with me and the patterns are excellent and easy to do.


Dianne said...

Larry will LOVE his slippers..Linda will adore her calorimetry..they're just awesome for those nippy days to keep the ears warm in a stylish manner..and your Blanket..IS "BOOTIFUL"..and I'm so happy to loan you the book~

Marianne said...

Gorgeous projects, WONderful projects! The blankie is a Beauty :^) (how many hours did it take, really?)

I voted.

I'm hoping to have that toast... :^D

Julie said...

Where do you find the time? You are amazing and Marianne's right; your projects are wonderfully gorgeous!

(I also want to know how long the blanket really took.)

Jadielady said...

Woo! Awesome set of projects :) That blanket looks a lot like the one I sleep under every night.