Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby Strangulation Jacket

Note to Self: Make the i-cord looser and/or learn to crochet a neckline. (As long as the top button isn't buttoned, the baby will survive). LOL

And another BSJ using Berrocco's Lullaby from Knitters Knook.

Have a great week everyone!


Anonymous said...

I love the baby strangulation jacket. I've made a few baby strngulation sweaters in my day, but never a jacket :-)

Marianne said...

Yowza, Dana... loosen up, baby :^) except I keep looking at it and don't see any real 'puckering' going on which would indicate the i-cord being too tight... teleporter where ARE you!
It's a gorgeous little bsj, are those shell buttons? whatever they are, Very Pretty!
The new bsj... now that's a Party!

Dianne said...

Aww Dana...look at yourself!..They are both just gorgeous..I'm with Marianne..it doesn't look puckered..and a little 'bleu' in the face is ok~..as long as the cheeks are pink!!
Great job my knitting machine Friend!! You have me wanting to go out of 'the box'...again!!

Jadielady said...

Both sweaters are gorgeous! Is that the yarn you got Saturday? Good gravy you're knitting like crazy!

Spinning Lara said...

Dana you a knitting machine! :) The jacket is great, can't see any puckering either.

Robin said...

CUTE!! Love the festive colors of the 2nd one!

Angela Cox said...

I love the new look Dana , beautiful trees.