Monday, June 14, 2010

Knitter Tattoo

Linda, Logan (Linda's grandson) and I strolled into A Kiss of Ink in Lynchburg yesterday. We were met at the door by Earl, the tattoo artist, and said we had come for a tattoo. Earl looked a little surprised, but accepted it with aplomb.

  • "What kind of tattoo do you want?" he asked.
  • Linda replied, "Sheep."
  • He looked at me and said, "Sheep? Seriously?"
  • "Yes, sheep. We're knitters." I answered.

You could tell that he had NO CLUE what to make of us, but Linda and I went on to look for a sheep tattoo that she liked. We found one in about twenty minutes or so and by that time, the second employee, Chris, had arrived. Both Chris and Earl were shaking their heads, but they were starting to get into the idea.

"Wait a minute. I have to pay for my pain???" Linda asked.
Getting setup by Earl
Getting nervous...really nervous.
Getting inked.
"Breathe, Linda, breathe. Relax."

To be continued....


Marianne said...

A Kiss of Ink.. oh, I love that!
heee. I'm thinkin' there best be photos of you while you're getting yours! :^D

KnitNana said...

OMG - BRAVE woman!!!

Jadielady said...

You... went without me?? *sniffle*