Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Linda's Bucket List - Part 2

And the pain continues....

And keeps coming...

Argh. I don't have a photo of Linda's finished tattoo, but it's an adorable
little sheep. You can picture it from the outline above.
The sheep's head is filled in with black, as are the feet. Linda had Earl give
the body black and gray swirls/whorls.
So how was your Sunday afternoon?


Dianne said...

ok Dana..this is all cute..but where is your picture of your pain?..haha...I want to SEE!!!

Dana said...

She who remembered the camera controls all photos and their uploading. :D

Dianne said...

Well dangit..just come by and show me!!lol

Dana said...

Patience, grasshopper, patience.

Are you reconsidering your position on tattoos? If so, let me know.


Dianne said...

lol..me..patience? Pfft..
No..still not considering one..just want to see what my friend is sporting..
I'm heading to DD this evening..via Moms..

KnitNana said...

Oh my...she is a brave soul. But the sheepie is adorable!

Looking forward to seeing what you got, Dana!