Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Turn

Okay, Linda's tattoo is over and mine is about to begin. Through her tattooing, Linda remained calm and almost silent. She gasped on an occasion or two, but that was it. I was completely impressed!

Chris had assured me that tattooing wasn't bad and using the new "air" machines made a world of difference, e.g. less pain. I climbed into the chair, grabbed the metal bars behind me for support and was ready to go.

Had you been there, you would've thought I was giving birth to a watermelon. I moaned, I writhed, I whimpered and jumped. I was so pathetic that everyone was giggling, but I couldn't help myself. "Are you almost finished Earl?" I whined. "No. I've only done the word, 'Knit', so far." I have no idea how long I was in the chair, but Linda and Logan assured that it wasn't long at all. LMAO

And this is the finished job. The photo's fuzzy, but the tattoo isn't and I just adore it!

Last, but not least, came Logan and he put me to shame. (I'll get a kick in some time, some where). :) He was in the process of being tattooed when I snapped this picture.

Finally, while Logan was being done, I logged on to my Ravelry account and Chris spent an hour or so going through the Star Wars-related knitting patterns on Ravelry (his favorite movie). Earl liked the hat I was knitting and asked if I did commissions. I don't, but I told him to choose his colors and I would make him a Dead Fish Hat. :) The long and short of it is...Linda and I entered as "weirdos" and left with "recruits." That's knitting power for you.


Marianne said...

Heh, Logan is a show off :^)
cute sheep!!!! (I still think she needs her crown!)
er... I would've giggled too.
"Left with recruits", hee, that is rich! but then we know the power of knitters :^D

Dianne said...

Even though I'm still not remotely interested in enduring the pain of a tattoo..the fun sounds like something I could handle.
Saw Dana's cute addition..and it is adorable!..I doubt her last;)

Julie said...

Aw come on, Dianne - it's a good pain :-) You know you want one!
I'm sure it's not Dana's last one, after all, she still needs to get the crown on that one.

KnitNana said...

You are amazing! What a cute tatt!

(but I'm with Dianne...)