Monday, May 31, 2010

Fiber Nest

I took over part of the unfinished basement this weekend and made it into a "Fiber Nest." I plan on getting a couch and once it's there, I might just move in. :)

No more stacks of knitting totes. (Do not count them Jessi!) lol
(at 80% off - - gotta love Ross), Lorenz-Cannon Gallery, Sedalia and others.

I unrolled the carpets we purchased overseas and pulled the woven Turkish pillows to the basement too. The LeClerc warping board will be hung (once I figure out how to drive a nail into cement) and the Dorothy is warped is waiting.

I brought down a cat bed in the hopes that Libby will use it instead of napping on my shoulders
as I sit at the computer (though it is kind cute - - or was when she was a kitten).

It's not fancy, but I do like my getaway. :)


Marianne said...

WOOT! a little hidey-hole fibre cave!!! LOVE IT! it's delightfully appointed, seems to have everything there.. er... and your stash goes where? ;^)
congrats on your fibre nest, you've been busy! xox

Jadielady said...

What a beautiful spot for you to be creative and comfy in!!
I've got that on my wishlist for whe we get a house :)

And don't worry, I didn't count the bags.

Dianne said...

And here I thought you had abandoned the ship and gone away..instead you've been slaving away.
It looks terrific! You're so creative! The rugs and pillows call for a 'knitting sleep over'..
Hope you got some rest during the weekend.
Sending hugs~

Julie said...

LOVE it! Makes me want to travel another 19 hours to come see it in person :-)
Seriously, what a great spot!