Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Vacation Knits

My vacation was wonderful! I spent a whole week just relaxing and visiting with my sister, her two sons and my father. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures (I was too "into the moment" to even think of it).

We swam at the lake, went out to dinner, played miniature golf and simply "hung out" together. Quantity & quality time at its best. :D

I did get a bit of knitting done during my time off. I finished Austin's second square for the RVSpinKnit blanket that's being made for him. If case you didn't know, Austin was badly burned in an accident and is now in the Shriner's Hospital of Ohio. His mother, Christina, is in the RVSpinKnit group.

(P.S. Many thanks to Becky at Knitters Knook for the Mission Falls!)

I worked on my Dragon Scales a little bit and...

knitted up a new pair of slippers/clogs!

These slippers are for Larry. Larry, too, was injured in a recent fire and is the spouse of another RVSpinKnit member, Diana. I understand from one of Diana's posts that Larry had a pair of felted slippers and actually wore a hole through them. At the time of this photo, I had only finished one, but now, both clogs are done and I'll be felting them tonight.

I bought the yarn at Knitters Knook and it's wonderful. It's "Wool Pak" in the "Bracken" colorway.

FYI: Nikki & Pam have organized a raffle to benefit both Austin & Larry. The details (and the wonderful prizes) can be found on Ravelry/R.V.S.K. Raffle.


Spinning Lara said...

Glad you had a great vacation! :) Love all your knit's and I really really love the carpet that the clog is on!

Marianne said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a vacation week!

Jadielady said...

Pictures can get lost or fade, but the memories will last you forever :)

Dianne said...

Perfect vacation and you well deserved the 'down' time..

Julie said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation!

Dragon Scales is looking great!