Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let the Dialogue Begin...

Good morning Mr. Stump,

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this inappropriate speech with you. Sweeping the subject of religion to the side, I do not like the fact that Mr. Freeman's speech addressed, rape, pedophilia and alcoholism. Would you you feel comfortable if a total stranger approached your child and introduced the topics of sodomy or drug addiction without your prior knowledge or consent? Of course not. I feel that the trust I placed in SRHS has been betrayed.

The best way for me to be fully informed is to see or read the speech myself. Was it videotaped? Do you have a copy of the text? If so, may I have a one? I do understand that the principal topic of discussion was "choices." However, when I read the following comment by SRHS teacher, Danielle Plomaritas, on Mr. Freeman's guestbook, I was left with the impression that faith played a role too. QUOTE:

Ken, I heard you speak at Staunton River High School today. The Lord touched me and the kids. Thank you so much for coming. Your message was exactly what we needed to start our year. I cannot convey how moving your testimony was and how the Lord is using you. Please keep doing what you are doing, the Lord is saving lives through your ministry! END QUOTE

I look forward to your reply,
Dana Soltani

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I am sorry that you were misinformed about our guest speaker. He is simply Ken Freeman. He spoke about choices and how they change your life. He did not speak about religion in anyway. This meesage relates to our "Be an 11". The idea that you are repnsible for your actions and that if the appropriate choices are made then the consequences will not be present. I am sorry that you do not feel that this presenter was appropriate and would be happy to speak to you at your convenience.

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