Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Dialogue

Dear Mr. Stump,

Personally, I feel it is of the utmost importance to know exactly what was said during Mr. Freeman's speech. Bearing that in mind and if I may ask, who, precisely, invited Mr. Freeman to SRHS? Secondly, would that individual be able to ask Mr. Freeman for a copy of his speech? Was Mr. Freeman's speech reviewed by anyone prior to the assembly? Approximately how many times did Mr. Freeman reference is web site, in his speech to the best of your recollection?

Dana Soltani

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I am sorry to say that we did not have it taped nor did we take official notes but at no time was religion interjected into this presentation. He did make the statement that he not only spoke at high schools but also prisons, camps and that on the next 3 days he would be speaking at a local church. He stated that he had to have faith and believe in himself to make it through what he did as a child. I would like to welcome you to set up an appointment with my secretary to meet if you wish. Thanks you for your comments and your concern.


Marianne said...

I read your previous post, wtf... who'd fibbing here? From the comment made by that lady... sure sounded like religion had been brought into his 'speech'/'talk'.... and seriously, his choices (rape etc) so not necessary.. to teach 'responsibility' or 'consequences'..

Marianne said...

I'd also be thinking it was someone from Morgan's Baptist Church who put the invitation to speak at the HS out there... ya think?

Marianne said...

After reading all the stuff on this guy's website, I have to seriously doubt that what Stump wrote could be true. There's just no way Freeman could've allowed himself to leave his God out of it.

Anonymous said...

I checked out his website too and have to agree with Marianne! I also have to say that Mr. Stump is lying through his teeth!

Spinning Lara said...

Im with Marianne and Julie.

Jadielady said...

I'm with everyone but just wanted to say you may want to remove Mr. Stump's (and your own) email address to prevent spambots from filtering the address.

Thomas said...

I love Jadie, she so wonderfully cynical and correct. I'd like to add that the teacher may be a parishoner of his and was interpreting his speach much like a sermon, which may rationalize why she was moved-so! (I'm more cynical that Jadie, sh'yeah!) But the principle wants to meet with you. So have at it, but bring two witnesses, because he's avoiding having anything documented, like the emails. And bring a recorder. and a reporter - heck bring along Katie Couric. Yep, cynical.

emmy said...

This is all verrry interesting. and to think I want to move to SML-
Is that a Bedford or Franklin County HS?

No recording?!? I find that to be highly unlikely especially when most schools are overflowing with A-V equipment and teachers/students that love to use it......