Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces....that's what I've been up to lately as there's been a variety of things going on.

  • School. My son, Skander, is entering high school and my daughter, Andie, is going into the eighth grade. There's supplies, clothing, haircuts, new glasses and assorted crises to include, "OH MY GOD, I don't want Ms. So-n-So for gym. Mom, you have to change my schedule right now."

  • Knitting Projects. I finished Larry's felted slippers and I loved the fiber I used, Wool Pak of New Zealand. What I don't love is that I forgot to put a second, knitted sole on one of the slippers. Arrrrghhhh. In a nutshell, I have two different slippers; one has a thick, squishy sole and the other has a thin sole. Needless to say, I have to redo a slipper and will be picking up another skein of Wool Pak at Knitters Knook this weekend.

  • Needle Project. Have you seen the "The Circular Solution" before? I've always thought that the idea was brilliant, but I didn't care much for its looks. Their idea was to use a regular hanger and hang your needles in the closet. See the below.....

  • I wanted a needle hanger that I could hang where I knit. Something a little prettier than the original. With the help of my neighbor, who's a retired Saks Fifth Avenue [from the actual Saks store on Fifth Avenue in NY] seamstress, I got this.....

I bought some heart-shaped mini quilt dowels, some tapestry-like, heavy fabric and Muriyea did the sewing. In exchange for the sewing, I'm knitting a baby blanket for her first grandchild (once we know the gender) and teaching her to knit too. We're "trading skills" as it were.

  • Stash Project. The stash has moved out of the laundry basket and onto shelving. I've got this little "knit center/corner" thing going on in the living room.

The focus and flash aren't working well on my camera anymore. I need to ship it off and get it fixed (festival season will be starting soon).

"Shear Spirit" was a birthday gift from Dianne. It's a "yarn pilgrimage" book and pictures are amazing. I love it & thank you so much Dianne!

Lara brought me this sweet sheep from her Maine vacation and it's now the centerpiece of the coffee table. Thank you Lara! :)

Yes, little by little, the family is being run out of the living room and the knitting is taking over. Muhahahaha.


Marianne said...

LOVE your set-up, and the circ holder! Drats re:felted clog sans extra sole... but a great 'excuse' to make a trip to your lys!
Aaaah, the joys of 'back to school'.
Fabulous BD gifts... are you still knitting socks?

Anonymous said...

I don't miss those back to school days one bit!

Great knitting corner you have and I love the new circular needle holder. Mine reside in a 3 ring binder with plastic pockets (the kind made for fishing lures).

Happy Belated Birthday! I love the Lamby and that book is great; I won the same book in a contest recently.

Dianne said...

Let me do a bit of advertisement for the Circular Knitting Holder..I own one..it was an early birthday gift..and it's just handier than the handle on a (*&& pot..I am 100% assured that Dana needs to patent this and market at festivals..it's a must have for knitters..I love mine..but I wasn't going to flash it or my awesome bag until after b'day!

Jadielady said...

Hehe that sounds like my place. Whenever I complain that my boyfriend has a "man cave" he says I have a knitting nook, its called the den.

Spinning Lara said...

Wow! What a great idea, love how pretty it is and what a great way to keep your circulars orginzed! (pretty fire place too)

Angela Cox said...

Oh yes that knitting corner will soon turn into the entire room . The family can always sit on the porch ( if you have one!!). Glad you had a nice , relaxing holiday.angiex