Monday, June 01, 2009


....I've been having a lot of fun. Between the festival, Memorial Day weekend with my sister, Jadielady's shower and just having the time to sit down and knit again, I've been enjoying myself thoroughly. Here goes the photos!

Cheeky Brianna

With Trevor at Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

Jadie's Knit Night Bridal Shower

The shower centerpiece

Brianna's "Wooly Wormhead" beret in Manos del Uruguay

Mission Falls "Bob Blankie"

Happy Knitting Everyone! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, look at those cheeks! She's getting so big. She's just beautiful, isn't she? Love the black and white photos at the beach.

KnitNana said...

What fun! Brianna is a doll...

Jadielady said...

Yeah you HAVE been busy :P cheeky girl. (sorry, been watching way too much BBC Tv shows).

Marianne said...

I'm begging for mercy! Would you look at the beautiful cheeks on Brianna!(plenty of nursing muscle, it's a great sign :^)
She is SO beautiful! I'm thinking she kind of looks like her Auntie Dana too.
Trevor is getting to be quite the big boy, love the beach photos!
Good times all 'round, the bridal shower looks like it was loads of fun!
The beret and 'bob blankie' are both gorgeous.

Marianne said...

You know, I just had to spend some more time with Brianna, :^).... doesn't she have the prettiest little hands?

Angela Cox said...

Yes I agree there's a certain something about B&W photos . Maybe you concentrate more on shap etc .All lovely photos though. angie x

Faren said...

Such a cute baby! Looks like you had a lot of fun at the beach and shower!