Monday, June 15, 2009

Hats Galore

Ten hats down in record time! These little guys are going to the 2009 Sock Summit with Dynaknits as part of a donation for Afghani children. I used the "Rollin Baby Beret" pattern by Wooly Wormhead. Using bulky yarn and a higher cast on count created several different child/teen sizes. This pattern just rolls off the needles and I love it!

Lamb's Pride Bulky
New Zealand Wool

Eco Wool

Carodan Farm Wool purchased at Montpelier 2007

And this...I can finally post it. It's a Tunisian tradition to give a bridal couple a pillow and with that in mind, Dynaknits and I gave this to Jadielady and her groom (it's their wedding colors) on Saturday.
Next up...Jadie's wedding photos!


Anonymous said...

Look at all those great hats! Way to go, Dana!

The pillow is lovely, what a nice thoughtful gift.

Marianne said...

What wonderful, fabulous hats! You are such an exceptional human being. I'm thinking about those 10 noggins that will be kept warm through your heartfelt endeavors.
That is a beautiful pillow! and I love love love those colours together. Looking forward to seeing the photos!

Jadielady said...

Thank you so much for the pillow!! It is not only our wedding colors, but will also look GREAT on our sofa ;) I think I might use it in a minute for a nap!

Dianne said...

Thank you my DEAR Friend for those sweet, wonderful hats..I wish I could say I've completed 10 pairs of socks..but I am almost half finished..
The pillow is just gorgeous, thank you for making that and letting me take partial this is a tradition? Your work is so beautiful!
Thank you for sharing that special day..wasn't it a perfect wedding?

KnitNana said...

Wow, you've been busy!!! Great hats, and the pillow will be an heirloom, I'm sure!