Monday, June 22, 2009

WIPs' and FOs'

Here's a photo of Andie's new winter hat. It's another Wooly Wormhead "Rollin Beret" using Malabrigo. She looks very pretty in it if I do say so myself.

This is what I've done so far with Yvonne Boucher's "Sock Monkey" pattern. Rather than doing it on single point needles and seaming it up, I've been using circulars. It's a fun knit and I like how it's turning out so far. I will be sure, however, to use a marled brown yarn on the next monkey so that it looks more authentic.

Below is an early birthday gift from Dynaknits; a Nana Sadie Rose "Posey" with a matching sundries bag! The fabric matches my first NSR bag from Sedalia 2008. I love it, of course, and thank you so much D! :)

And sadly, the monkey has now outgrown the bag and must move into something else.

Happy knitting all!


Julie said...

Another beautiful beret and I'm sure Andie looks gorgeous in it!

Love the monkey, although he does look a bit distressed at the thought of having to move from that beautiful bag :-)


Marianne said...

Heh... that Julie :^) but yeah, poor monkey but hey, don't you have a monkey bag?
(gorgeous BD bag!!!Sis Dianne is dabomb! that's a Good thing ;^)
That IS a BeaUtiful beret, looking forward to seeing it on Andie next Fall/Winter.. hint hint nudge nudge ANDIE. ;^)

Marianne said...

well, I did in fact mosey around the blog looking for the monkey bag and it's also the 'Posey' size, right?
la sigh.

Angela Cox said...

I see a stash there Dana!! I should have some half price Noro cashmere Island on it's way. I knit as I don't like to move too far in case a fibroid tries to escape !!

Dana said...

Yes, the monkey bag is a Posey size. Oh I have an excuse to buy a large monkey bag (not!). My little red "go cart" died yesterday and I need to get her fixed. :(

KnitNana said...

Let me know when you're ready for your Mavis knitting bag in Sock Monkey Fabric, Dana! Happy Birthday (soon)