Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quote of the Day

At 7:15 a.m., young Trevor (who's visiting with his mother and sisters) offered up the quote of the day,

"Aunt Dana, can I hold your rat?"

Me? I'm thinking "RAT!?!?! What rat?!?!?" and then I realize....

Guinea pig? Rat? What's the difference?


Anonymous said...

LOL! Too Cute.

We used to have pet rats; once you get used to the tail, they're really great pets - very loveable and snuggly.

Marianne said...

Heeeeeehheeeee, how funny!
I still don't want a rat :^)

Marianne said...

ps I don't know that I could deny that face and those big blue eyes anything, what a beautiful boy!

Angela Cox said...

Oh a big one ..I mean we had to poison a rat this winter who then stank under the floorboards !I love Guinea pigs ,when I was about three I remember the one we had because it followed Mum everywhere .As we are not Bolivians we never ate it . I'd love one but Jeff is not a pet kind of guy.