Friday, May 22, 2009


Another festival finished. Sigh. I had a great time! I met some terrific people for the first time, saw old friends again and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Our vendors were incredible and days later, I am still genuinely awestruck by their talent and generosity. The festival visitors were fun, friendly and so enthusiastic. I'm still in post-festival recovery/withdrawl, but here's a quick something....

Here's our banner that intersected Bridge St. & Main St. in downtown Bedford.

And, of course, there were goodies....

I treated myself to Ebony needles (Knitters Pearls) from Blue Ridge Yarns and a pair of Brittanys and Surina needles from ISeeSpots Farm.

Knitnana of Nana Sadie Rose made me one of her beautiful Grace bags. It's now my dedicated
"sock" bag and I am loving it.

Also from Nana Sadie Rose, I received matching sundry cases for my other two knitting bags.

Wonderful Linda gifted me this beautiful skein of Trekking. I've finally "broken down" and purchased a pair of Size 2 needles. At long last, I'm going to try to knit small & fine yarn.

Equally wonderful Dianne gave me the gorgeous Studio 43 yarn bowl, as well as its contents, a skein of Kid Hollow's mohair. I've only petted the yarn and the bowl so far, but eventually, I'll put them both to work.

I'll be posting some fun photos this weekend while I'm at my sisters. In the meantime, I wish all of you a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend! :)


Marianne said...

WooHoo! Lots of fabulous goodies!
Isn't the fabric in the Grace bag lovely? and what's that yellow flower behind it in the photo?
I did go look through all the photos on the webpage, it all looks like!
Have a great weekend at your sister's, give the little ones some snuggles for me, rest, relax, make good times, you know the routine ;^)
2010 Sedalia or Bust :^)

KnitNana said...

That yarn is absolutely beautiful, as is the bowl!!! Dianne is such a doll...

And I'm tickled to death that you just might become a dedicated sock knitter? Trekking is wondrous stuff. I seem to collect's addictive.
Have a terrific Memorial Day weekend!

Kathleen C. said...

There is no resisting the power of socks! Whahahahahaaaa...ah...uh... I mean gosh, socks huh? Well, that'll be nice.

Dianne said...

Grace is Gorgeous!!! I saw her sitting with your other goodies from Nana..and she's ALL yours..good for's about time you treated yourself..those colors are just for EWE!!
What a great time we've had during this process and I think we can say without was successful..Thanks for letting me play on your TEAM!