Sunday, December 03, 2006

While one snoozed....

...the other slept at a friend's house and the husband was at work, I had some quiet time and made felted bowl "fillers," my soap.

The soap is a goat's milk base and I added a bit of dried lemongrass and lavender.

Fortunately for me, I had some help and/or quality control of a fuzzy sort.

Having decided that the soap was inedible, Liberty fell back into her
favorite standby, a sweet look. If that wasn't effective,

a threat. Scratch me or be scratched.


Marianne said...

Soap scent sounds heavenly! Two of my favourite scents...

Anonymous said...

You're out-doing yourself my Dear!!..Now I will feel guilty if I buy a few 'soaps' to include with the handmade I really have to make soap..too be included in your knit'bar'...hugs
I love the angelic sleeping pix..and Liberty~~..being the animal lover that I am..

mobishobel said...

How cute! (Both soaps and kitty.) That's such a great idea for gifts.

Thank you so much for the blog comment earlier. I think your the first fellow knitter to comment to my blog, and being a fellow Virginian, I got really excited to find that you live in the Blue Ridges. I love your blog, though you are the latest step in convincing me that to be a true "knitblogger" I need a cat. Oh well, I was working on it anyway. I also need a digital camera, but that's what Christmas is for!

Thanks again, and I'll be back soon!