Saturday, December 02, 2006

Leftovers I Can Live With....

The Lumpy Bowl. This is an example of me goofing around. I had a small ball of Playa left from my last bowl, so I created this lumpy bottom half. With a bit of the remaining Lambs Pride (Andie's scarf), I knitted up the strange top. It's odd looking, but believe it or not, it looks cute on my kitchen window sill.

An Apple Hat made from Christmas stocking extras and a bit of Wings.

More Baby Hats (Pronto from Skander's scarf) and cotton (from Trevor's hat).


Marianne said...

What do you do with all the little hats? Your own children...? Charity hats?
They're all fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana,
What beauties!! You were obviously too 'bowled-over' attend the Christmas parade..I didn't either...I begged off of serving as a volunteer for the 10/5 I could have my own 'foot race' finishing a few rounds on some of my projects..See you soon!! hugs~