Friday, December 01, 2006

Conquering the Stash

What am I knitting? Slippers, slippers and more slippers. It's been the story of my life these last six months and as proof of that statement, I can honestly say that I barely glance at the pattern now. The monotony of it is driving me mad, but it'll be worth it soon.

To break up the routine a little bit, I've been using leftover yarn to make odds -n- ends, which I'll photograph and post tomorrow. It's fun to use the stash leftovers and see the pile of yarn get smaller. The word, "stash," is a pretty relative term though.

I have seen, with my own eyes, a large, two car garage that had floor to ceiling shelves stocked with yarn. The lady has industrial sized cones of yarn and hanks as big as my car. My stash? I have a half full wicker laundry basket.

The Knitnapper has discovered the wicker basket by the way. Liberty now stealthily creeps up behind the couch, under the end table and up to the basket. She then puts her front paws on the basket, leans in and grabs whatever ball is closest to her. Then, like greased lightening, she takes off. (Nascar drivers wish they could move so quickly). You wouldn't have any idea she was there, but for the "creeking" sound that the basket makes. I then shout, "ANDIE! CAT!" and resignedly, my daughter goes into the kitchen and begins to rewind my yarn. Libbie can have a small ball of yarn wrapped around the kitchen table and chairs at least three times in less than ten seconds.

This is the August photo of Libbie. I'll take a new one. She looks the same, just larger (and sneakier).


Marianne said...

Wow, that woman had definitely reached SABLE for many knitters....hmm, just boggles the mind but what a way to boggle!
Keep those slippers going! Looking forward to the photos!

Krista said...

Yarn in the garage? It's not how much you have but how you use it.

Anonymous said...

Dana, I can't wait to see more slippers..what a great feeling ..when you can knit a pattern from memory. I long to learn those felted slippers..along with the socks..ahh..after the holidays.
I'm looking forward to B/K next's marked and unless it's horribly inclimate weather..I shall be there..I'll bring a few items.
I've too been using the 'stash'..and find myself buying new yarn...too match the I can create something new...the mind of a knitter~~
I'm on the last few rounds of a snowflake dishcloth..a sweet one but I swear it looks more like a
Be well and have a fabulous weekend!!