Sunday, December 17, 2006

To Do

My father and his wife are coming up from Mississippi on January 10th. The Alexander clan is getting together the weekend of January 13th to celebrate the holidays en masse. Mentally, I've been preparing a list of things to be done and it goes like this....

1. Clean my car
2. Scrub gas grill
3. Scrub out oven
4. Clean fridge
5. Scour bathrooms
6. Reorganize & rearrange barnyard sty (aka daughter's bedroom).
7. Replace broken closet door in son's room (subject son & friend were wrestling at the time)
8. Grocery shopping and menu planning
9. Knit up three pairs of slippers for aunts X-mas gifts
10. Keep up with laundry, ironing, cooking, dusting and vacuuming.
11. Work full-time job.
12. Oh crap...rescue squeaking field mouse from ferocious kitten who just brought it into the basement as I sit here typing (job completed & now I'm grossed out). Does anyone else have a cat or cats that actually bring the rodents in instead of keeping them out?????
13. Knit dishcloths.

Ha ha...can you tell where my priorities are? :) The rest will get done in time and believe it or not, I'm not that stressed. TGTK...thank God there's knitting. Happy holidays everyone!


Krista said...

Sounds overwhelming! Good luck!

Marianne said...

I agree, sounds a bit overwhelming but then you do have a little bit of time, and hey, knit dishcloths was #13?!? well, ok, knitting the slippers came in at #9....but still, shouldn't these have been #1 and #2?heh...
Happy knitting to you as well...

Marianne said...

I'm so sorry, I am so goofy at the comments...I truly meant to comment about the knitting on display...beautiful dishcloth and soap, and that lacey....scarf or shawl? It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Whew Dana, you made me tired just reading your list..relax and knit 'dear'!! Your house was immaculate..and I truly think the cleaning before guests should be in reverse...clean when they're GONE!!~~When they see all the lovely work you've created for them..they're not going to care if there's a bit of dust...oh the D word~~
Some more lovely work Dana..
Have a wonderful holiday!! hugs

Marianne said...

Thanks for stopping by...the 'news' article...what a joke, like I wrote, pretty lame to consider that front page news...ahem.
Right back at ya' on the holidays!

mobishobel said...

I feel you. But remember, even though prep-work is sucktastic, it's worth the wonderful feeling when everyone's together and enjoying the spirit. Wow... That was super "Hallmark-y." My apologies.

T-minus 1 week `till this is all done!