Friday, July 14, 2006

Thank goodness it's Friday! I'm anxious to start my watermelon hat, but at the same time, my conscience is telling me to finish off my third pair of slippers and the wool scarf, both of which are on needles now. I told myself when I started knitting that I'd have no more than two on-going projects at a time - - one project where I would have to follow a pattern and actively count and keep track of stitches and the other, a "mindless" project where I just sit and knit for the pleasure of it. Hopefully, I'll knock off one or the other this weekend (not to mention the usual stuff like like dusting, vacuuming, laundry, lawn care et al).

Having mentioned yesterday a yarn I like, Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride, I thought today I'd mention a yarn I loathed. I knitted two hanks of Playa del Uruguay and despised every minute of it. I would've chucked the yarn into the garbage on principle, but economy and conscience insisted that I didn't. Why didn't I like it? It went from 1/2 inch thick in one spot to paper thin in another. Getting gauge with this stuff - - yeah right, dream on. I can live with the scarf I made, however the hat is like a rubbery pancake (what an analogy) and if I pulled at it, I could stretch it to fit an elephant's head. The problem is that it would stay the "elephant head" size. Although it's 100% wool, it won't return to the original shape. It just kind of sits there like a limp noodle. In any event, here's a photo.

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