Sunday, July 23, 2006

Here is my first pair of very small children's slippers. I set the box of Crayola with it for scale/perspective. It took about an hour and a half to knit the pair. Very easy, very cute! I didn't bother with double soles because kids outgrow their shoes so quickly, especially very young kids.

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Dianne said...

Dana,'ve been so busy and your work is all so lovely!! The slippers are wonderful..your felting..breath-taking.. I missed you in the last 'beginner' class..perhaps you could have talked me out of going in over my,..alas, it is done and I've bought more yarn to start another. Isn't knitting the most addictive medication you are presently using?~I had planned to blog daily sharing all my 'stash'..but got busy and have fallen off the blogwagon. You give me incentive to get busy and post.