Wednesday, July 12, 2006

First Attempts & What a Thrill!

Here is my first attempt at knitting with cotton fiber/yarn. While I adore the model, my nephew, Trevor, I'm not thrilled with the end result. To me, the hat was too loose and "formless," if you will. I missed the feel of wool running through my fingers. Everyone says that cotton is wonderful for kids and my sister informed me that unlike most hats, he didn't rip it off his head (not itchy like wool?), however I think that was my first and last cotton hat.

As for the thrill...I received an e-mail from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, yes, the REAL Stephanie Pearl McPhee, author of Yarn Harlot, At Knit's End & Knitting Rules. Here is a woman who has written three phenomenal books, publishes a world-wide read blog, Yarn Harlot, is the mother of three and an expert knitter. Why did she write? I posted a comment (one of 500 comments) on her site inquiring who Madame DeFarge is/was. Stephanie was kind enough to reply and let me know that she's a Dickens character in A Tale of Two Cities (and a knitter). :) How neat was that?! Now, of course, given my love of books, I was embarrassed not to recognize the name, but far outweighing that was the thrill of receiving a personal reply. Likewise, Rosasharon was nice enough to post a comment here letting me know the same information. It goes without saying that I'll be visiting the library soon and picking up this particular classic (better late than never).

If you haven't see it already, do check out the Yarn Harlot Blog. You won't be sorry.

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