Monday, March 31, 2008

At long last

For several weeks, I stopped knitting because I simply couldn't seem to find the time or energy. I picked up the needles early last week and cranked out Connor's baby blanket, finishing it off Friday night. Oh how I looooove Mission Falls!

I found this pattern, "Oh My Baby! Booties" on Ravelry. Great pattern, easy knit, but mine are, admittedly, not cute. I'm going to do another set in a solid color (with sock yarn) and see how they turn out. I used "Porto Cervo" cotton on a size seven needle and they're just too large (even after washing & drying).

And finally, I'm offering prizes! What do you have to do to win a prize? Nothing! You've already won just by reading my blog. Pick your color!

(And don't even think about not leaving a comment. I know who you are and quite likely, where you live, so again, tell me what color you want!). ;) LOLOL

Madeleine, the stray, is currently holed up in our basement with her little squeaking brood.


Robin said...

Oh how cute!!! Are there 5 kittens? Names?

Love the baby blanket too!

Marianne said...

heh...ahem...coughcough... do we each win a kitten? heeee. quite clever of you ;^)
Jokes aside... Dana, the blankie is Beautiful and I DO know just how soft and wonderful it feels, the colours are gorgeous!
I also happen to think your booties ARE cute...??? you really think they're NOT cute?
Hmmm, colour... pick a color... blueish? (what are you up to?!? :^)

Marianne said...

PS... I'm really glad to see you picked up your needles again, seriously.
I'm thinking 6 kittens.

Faren said...

Awww, so cute! I think the blanket and booties are pretty cute as well. But I think Zoey is enough of a handful thank of so much!

Dana said...

Six little kittens (but only five need a home - - a neighbor has claimed one).

Yes, Marianne, each of you wins a kitten (or two if you prefer). Get 'em will supplies last. :)

The booties are absurd looking. Long feet and much too large for a small newborn (unless it's a hobbit baby). Like I said, sock yarn & smaller needles will work better I think.

Faren - Zoey needs a "Wash" & "Mal" to rule over. :)

Anonymous said...

The blanket is stunning! Won't the booties fit when the baby gets older?
The kittens....well, they are way too cute! Andy would kill me, the kitten would probably want to eat the bunny, and the dog would want to eat the kitten, so basically Andy and the dog would be the only two to survive the kitten ;)

Dianne said...

Blankie and booties are both the kitties..and they will adorn the blankie quite well..haha..
Do I get the drift on picking a color?..being pick a color of kitty? would devour it ..or at least make it feel totally unwelcome..but Nik would probably love a friendly kitty to play with...hugs

Nikki said...

all I have to say is that's how Pepper came home (and I love all the orange and black kitties but them I'm a touch partial to those colors!) AND if you think another kitty is coming to live with me then you're wrong. LOL It would result in me being homeless then me, all my crap, AND two er three kitties would be moving in with you :)

OH and most importantly, the blankie and booties are adorable!! I think Lara's right, they'll fit a bigger baby...

Angela Cox said...

Oh kittens , how wonderful.I must show Holly the picture when she gets up!!

mobishobel said...

Aww!! Wee kitties! And a wee blankie, and wee booties!! (ha... hobbit babies...) Your entire entry is wee! Can my color be wee?

Julie said...

That blanket is beautiful! I have yet to make anything with Mission Falls, but I have felt how soft it is. That is going to be one lucky baby.

Look at all that furry goodness. Hmmm, I don't have any orange kitties; I have kitties with spots of orange, but no orange kitty. Ah, but alas, I cannot take one as I am getting a Naked Mole-Rat instead ;-)

Marianne said...

Can I start something or what?