Friday, March 14, 2008


This is your warning - - if you don't like a rant,
sprinkled with the odd profanity,
walk away now 'cause I'm in a mood and
I intend to vent.
- - - - - - - - -
My week SUCKED ASS because...
1. On Monday afternoon, I watched my little dog, Arabella,
get struck by a car.
2. My dad and stepmother stayed at our house for
only 36 hours.
3. Mohamed had chest pains last night.
- - - - - - - -
Now, for the updates....
1. Bella (the yarn thief, snuggler, howler, four-legged fiend whom I adore) survived. She has several small pelvic fractures, a broken femur and must be crate-confined for the next four to six weeks so that everything will heal well and properly. I brought her home last night and Andie and I learned how to "towel walk" the dog. We had to place a beach towel under Bella, raise the two ends of the towel to support her pelvis and/or butt end, so that she would walk easily.
She's been a real trooper and I am amazed by her - - really amazed.
Like her adoptive mother, she, too, enjoys the occasional painkiller. About twenty minutes after I gave Bella her evening dose of medication, I went to the crate to check on her and I swear to you, the dog was smiling and cross-eyed!
2. Dad & Joan were anxious to return to their home and I can't hold it against them. I wish we could've had more time together, but I'm glad for the the time we had. We laughed, talked, played cards and it was WONDERFUL!
3. Mohamed promised to get checked out tonight (he works at the local hospital) so we'll have to see what they say. I'm hoping it's just a matter of readjusting the meds (he has an irregular heartbeat that was diagnosed for the first time not quite two years ago).
I hope your week was better
and thanks for sharing my rant (it helped a lot).


mobishobel said...

Ack! I'm so sorry for your sucky week, but I'm really glad Bella's going to be ok, and I hope that Mohammed is too. Let us know what they find out. In the meantime, my best thoughts are with you!

Dianne said...

Rant on Sweetie..Glad Bella is on the mend..and's ok..for visits to be 'short'..AND..if Mohammed doesn't get checked out..I'm going to call a nurse friend that will 'take care of him'..and she works at his hospital and at times in an authoritative position..Looking forward to seeing you manana~huge hugs

Nikki said...

many hugs and much love to y'all!!!

Marianne said...

Well ferfucksake!
I nearly fainted (or something) when I read your list... holy shit, Dana. crap... I'll give you some profanity....
I am SO glad Bella is still... (towel) walking this earth.. and it sounds like Dianne has all our backs if Mo doesn't get his heart checked out.. dude, does that woman have connections or what?!?
I'm sorry your visit with Dad and Joan was cut short but it sounds like you made REALLY GOOD TIME while they were with you.
I've got you ALL tucked in close, sending healing thoughts and love to Bella and Mo... as for you,(you also get the thoughts and love :^) sweet missie, keep your chin up and hang on tight. XOXOXOX

Robin said...

Rant all you want! Hugs to you all and I hope that the weekend will give you a chance for "recovery"!

Faren said...

Damn girl! Hope they both continue to get better!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dana, I'm so sorry you're having such a hard time. When I got your email yesterday, I didn't want to ask specifics and then I went to bed early and didn't see your post. I'm so, so happy that Bella survived. Though it's going to be a long road to recovery; she WILL recover. What a relief; keep that in mind (easier said, I know).

I hope Mohammed did get checked out and is okay; please, please, please keep me posted.