Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hi, I'm Dennis Miller...

...and this is your weekend update. :)

First of all, thank you so much for your messages of support and love. They meant and mean the world to me. I was heartsick all week and as of Thursday evening, quite scared too.

Mohamed did get checked out and the ECG and blood tests came back normal. His heart is beating regularly, but it is too slow. The physicians who treated him at the hospital where he works put in a call to Roanoke Memorial Hospital, where his cardiologist is based. As luck would have it, Mohamed's cardiologist was the one on duty Friday night and I understand that they exchanged information and test results. Dr. Welch is bringing Mohamed in this week (as opposed to his originally scheduled appointment on 4/2/08) and we'll simply take it from there. Mohamed hasn't been experiencing any more chest pains and he's no longer feeling weak. He feels a great deal better and naturally, so do I. The tests and just being vetted by doctors gave us some real peace of mind and comfort. We don't know the "why" yet, but we're hopeful.

Arabella, too, continues to improve each day. In fact, she tries to walk too much now and is beginning to develop "cabin fever." We have a small, beagle sized crate for travel and a very large crate to contain her in the house. The cats walk by the crate and just glance at her like, "Ha! You can't get us now." Yesterday evening, Bella tracked them with her eyes and her expression read, "Just you wait...".

Dad and Joan returned safely home to a surprise. They live in rural Mississippi and when they pulled into their driveway, they immediately noticed that the chain on their gate (leading into their property) was cut. As it turned out, there was a fire in the woods not far from their house and it was a decently sized one. The firetrucks arrived and were locked out. Get this...their insurance doesn't (yes, DOES NOT) allow them to cut chains and open locked gates. Dad's neighbor, whom I guess called the fire department in the first place, ran to his house, grabbed his bolt cutters and took care it himself. Once the gates were "unlocked," the fire department did their thing.'s Sunday and the start of a new and fresh week!



Nikki said...

I'm so glad Mohamed is feeling better and getting checked out! Chest pain is scary stuff...

And Thank God your folks have great neighbors!!!

Faren said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing better!

Marianne said...

SO glad to hear Mohamed is feeling better... and it goes without saying that I'm glad you're feeling better too :^D... and Bella :^)
Yowza on the locked chain/fire/neighbor story, glad he was there and the firefighters could do their thing... but seriously? they cannot unlock a gate? How crazy is that?
I hope you keep us posted on Mo's heart issues... curious little beasties we are.. but really, we just need to know to send the 'right' energy :^)

Dianne said...

Ditto on all the positive vibes..and glad everyone is for the moment in good shape..hugs to all~

Anonymous said...

Sending Mohamed healing thoughts. What a worry for you and then the other stuff. I shall check back shortly.Angie ..using anon. cos I can't remember my login!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Mohamed got checked out and is feeling better! I'll be keeping him (and you) in my thoughts as they try to figure out the whys.

Those kitties better be careful; I can just imagine Bella is adding up all the taunting and will repay them big time when she is released :-)

As for the Fire Dept not being able to cut the chain - how effing stupid is that? Does that also mean they can't break into a house on fire???? Same thing, isn't it?

Take care.