Monday, April 07, 2008

Alpaca Weekend

Hi everyone!

I had a fun and intesting weekend. On Saturday morning, I went to Fishwood Farm and met JoAnn Wood and her alpacas. JoAnn was a font of information and I really enjoyed spending time with her. The alpacas, themselves, were sweet natured, curious and lovely. It was really something to see them up close.

Photographed below is Pintura, a mother alpaca with very nice fur. Lara is now spinning some of her fleece.

The caramel colored alpaca (Rory) and the brown & white alpaca are being weaned. The chocolate brown and the white/black alpaca are yearlings.

And fleece...lots of fleece. JoAnn sent me home with five bags of fleece. There's a half bag of Suri, a bag of "seconds" (which I've earmarked for Linda) and three bags of "thirds" which are great for wet felting. Does anyone want some? Please say "yes" - - there's so much! Let me know and I'll mail it to you or if you're local, I'll bring a sack into work & meet up with you in town.

JoAnn also extended a broad invitation. If anyone wants to visit the farm and meet the alpaca, they're welcome to come. Just give her a call and set up a date and time.


Marianne said...

Oh Dana, what a lovely little trip! Those alpaca are just beautiful!
er... why are you not spinning all that soft and wonderful fibre up.. you could knit yourself a sweater, eh?

Faren said...

Wow, that is so wonderful! and the alpacas are so cute! I would say yes I want some, but I really don't know what to do with it. Though I do have a spinning lesson next Saturday! So excited!

Angela Cox said...

Oh such lovely animals . I just knitted some "Suri" and it's gorgeous. I would love to see what Cashmere goats look like .

Anonymous said...

I love Alpacas; they have the sweetest little faces! I agree with Marianne; you should spin it up and make yourself a sweater :)

Dianne said...

Oh how fun!..They are just the cutest..
As for spinning..guess you know I'm not a spinner..YET..or maybe never..but I'm with the majority..make something wonderful for SELFISH for once~ hugs