Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Yesterday, the word, "shame" popped up in two separate and unrelated e-mails. Both e-mails were from friends and knitters. One wrote, "Until I actually start spinning... (as she holds her head down in shame)" and the other said, "hanging my head in shame..." [she hadn't completed a project]. I admire and like these women enormously. They inspire me on a regular basis, so I was so surprised by what they wrote.

In thinking about their e-mails, I realized that the three of us - - and probably more of us - - are in a similar boat. Specifically, we're trying to overachieve and when we can't do it all in a nominal amount of time, we feel badly about it. When did knitting become a "destination point" instead of a "journey"?

In all honesty, the last six to eight projects I've completed are a blur because I was so focused on "get it done" that I really don't remember (and more importantly, didn't enjoy) the actual process of knitting. Well, I've decided that there will be no more of that. My goals now are as follows:
  1. I will enjoy knitting first and foremost;
  2. I will not press myself to complete the project;
  3. I will not apologize when my life supercedes my knitting time a.k.a. "if it takes me twelve months to finish, that's perfectly fine;" and
  4. I will commit to no more than I can reasonably accomplish.

As for the "shameful knitters," well, they have nothing to be ashamed of. Both have busy lives and take care of numerous people in one respect or another. They've both had an incredibly eventful year (and not all of it fun or pleasant). So ladies... you know who you are...repeat after me... "I am NOT ashamed!" ;)

P.S. Here's the last example of my overkill. I knitted the Lopi tote in a day and felted it the next morning.

I've also been plugging away at the Karaoke scarf for my niece in France and now, I'm going to slow it down and enjoy the feel of the New Tweed.

Finally, and on a much lighter note, the kittens send their regards.


Julie said...

Words to live by, Dana. I think I will share you goals from now on; I may even post them on my blog if it's okay with you (I know your answer already) :-)

The kittens are soooo cuuuute; please snuggle them for me.

mobishobel said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment, however I'm not sure I can entirely live by it as I have a wedding blanket to finish by August. I don't think I'll be able to escape the "frantic knitting" that may ensue between now and then!

Marianne said...

Oh sure, now I'm 'red faced'... hee, just kidding... I also consider myself to be in the Very Best of Company because I know who else you speak of and you, absolutely the best of company... so, ok, no more shame face... :^)
Have I told you lately just how much I love you?
dang those babies are cute.

Faren said...

We do need to remember to enjoy knitting. A knitting version of stopping to smell the roses! Love the bag and scarf, I love cables.
Those kittens are cute!

April said...

Julie / Noolie sent me. :)

Those are truly words to live by. Very well said.

Now can I have a kitten? :)

knitseashore said...

Julie sent me too. I need to take your #3 goal to heart.

Incredibly sweet kittens! Will you keep them (I'm guessing you live on a farm?)? I have a special spot for the orange ones since I have a big orange kitten myself, LOL.

Dianne said...

I share your sentiment..because many times in the past year..I've not accomplished what I've set out to in knitting..ie. unfinished match to sock since Christmas..but it's ok..if it becomes a chore..we shouldn't do it, right?
Your bag is luverly!..and of course the kitties..purr...and huge hugs your way..

Angela Cox said...

Quite right Dana , after all none of us these days often need to get that school sweater done for term etc. We should relax and enjoy it . Those kittens are just so lovely , if you were in England I'd have kidnapped a couple !

pve design said...

good post. now do one about guilt for buying or spinning that yarn and never finishing it.
true confessions of an artist, knitter and mother.