Monday, March 19, 2007

Arghhh...the Guilt!

Dear Marianne,

I have not forgotten you. I know it's difficult to believe, but I promise you, it's the truth.

I have been knitting up a storm, but lately, the "wool fates" have been working against me in a big way! Pictured above are two pairs of clogs. I made those for you. The first pair (the smaller of the two sets) shrunk when felted, but not enough. In addition to that, I wasn't wild about how the two fiber colors blended and said, "Not small or pretty enough. I'll make her another pair."

I made the second pair and loved the color (the photo doesn't do them justice). I have boiled that rat bast*** pair for hours, with and without baking soda (to soften the water), to no avail. They refuse to shrink any further.

In a nutshell, your slippers are running far behind schedule and I APOLOGIZE for that. I have ordered a wonderful yarn that I know will shrink to the appropriate size (having used it before). I'm waiting for it to come in and as soon as it does, I will knit it up and get a pair of woolen slippers out to you. My only consolation during this whole process is the thought that it's very cold where you live and you might actually still get to wear my slippers this season.

As promised, here is a photo of my "stitch marker earrings." All I did was buy a simple pair of silver hoops and slip one of your stitchmarkers onto each hoop. As earrings (and stitch markers), they're adorable. I wore them for the first time last Friday and received not one, not two, but three unsolicited compliments!
Thank you too for the beautiful new set of markers you sent. I received them Thursday and did a dance when I saw them. They're GORGEOUS! Your talent and generosity continue to amaze me! THANK YOU so much!

While I've been waiting for your yarn to arrive, I started a Moderne Baby Blanket. I'm using the field trip yarn I purchased and so far, so good. I've never attempted a project this big and it's a little scary.

Also photographed is Liberty's contribution to the project, a mauled needle!

Again, thank you the markers and beautiful socks. Your slippers will arrive, I promise, soon! XOXOX, Dana


Marianne said...

Dana, dearest Dana, please don't worry, and you've given me a fit of giggles, the felting fates and all, I am so sorry first of all, but perhaps that wool was telling you it wanted to be something else? (heh heh) and I do understand. The best laid plans and all that. I'd never lose faith in you.
But how cool are those earrings? I have a couple more of those green beads that just might be adorning my own ears. What a fabulous idea!
And you are so very welcome for the newer fancy-pants version, I just couldn't leave you out.
That baby blanket is lovely, scary? Be dauntless, it looks to be a great project! but oh, your poor needle! yikes!

Dianne said...

Your 'Stitched Earrings' are beautiful!! What a creative idea!
I'm so sorry about your felting..since I've only felted twice, I can offer NO advice..I think I didn't felt long enough for the bowl and too long for the there a happy medium?...guess I'll find it along the felted highway..huge's frustrating at best! Happy Knitting~~