Monday, April 02, 2007

Sittin' & Knittin'

It's been a blessedly quiet couple of weeks and I've just been sittin' and knittin' lately. Our recent highpoint was Andie's first formal dance. (The principal of her school said not to go out and buy fancy clothing and/or formal wear, but my child turned deaf ear to his statements). The "princess" would not be satisfied with anything less than a new dress and new shoes (she made a run for a pashmina shawl and evening bag, but I shot her down as the dance ended at 5:30 p.m.) ;)

The morning of the dance, I was "pleasantly" awakened at the crack of dawn to do hair and makeup. The end results are below....

The "Moderne Baby Blanket" is coming along slowly, but surely. Pardon the photo (my camera likes to turn the color white into some sort of neon affair).


Dianne said...

It's Official, Princess Andie!!
How beautiful you look..Just remember Andie, this is the 'first' of many!!
Dana, your blanket looks fantastic!! I love those colors..and your work is perfectly beautiful!!...Happy Knitting~~~

Marianne said... beautiful are you! yes, listen to Auntie Dianne, the first of many, enjoy them all.
Dana, the blankie is gorgeous, hey, doesn't every blankie need some glow-y neon element in it? Just kidding, pesky cameras!
How have you been feeling? Better?

Dana said...

Marianne, Yes, thank you, I'm all better now and back to my usual obnoxious self! :)

Thank you both for the blanket's been great fun to knit thus far and garter is so darned relaxing that it's unnatural!

I think I'm going to have to invest a newer digital (the one I have is probably seven years old or more...the company doesn't even exist now).