Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Hear Voices in my Head

...whenever I'm in a yarn store. There's an angel saying, "No! No! Dana. You've got projects to do and more yarn in the basket. Do not be tempted!" Then there's that other voice that says, "Damn the torpedos! You've earned this. Shop 'til you drop...you know it's fun!"

I was standing in Yarn Theory this afternoon and decided to compromise with my alter-egos. I went to the sale section (yes, 50% off) and found some luscious yarn, Wings and Shepherd's, Colour 4 Me. Now on principal, I already had all the "baby yarn" I needed, but I decided to (a)indulge and (b) not feel guilty because it was on sale. My parting thought was, "The devil wins today." Two hours later, I learned that my cousin, David, is having twins (in addition to my other cousin, Chad, having a baby too).

Ummmm....Sorry God.
(And thanks for the new reasons to buy fiber!)



Dianne said...

hahahaha!! You crack me up!! Glad you found some 'bargains'..they're not always an option..Still loving that blanket..you think we could work out a 'little trade of skills deal'..?..hugs, and Happy Knitting~

Dana said...

Oh yes, but it wouldn't be much of trade. The Moderne is nothing but knitting, binding off, picking up. Picture large washcloths patched together - - that's it. (Tho' when I give it as a gift, I'll describe muscle spasms & bleeding from the eyes & ears - -LOL). ;)

Marianne said...

hahahahahahahahaha, you're both funny!!!
Dana, lucky you! new babies in the family to knit for. You know, that baby yarn makes great socks too... ahem....little socks...fun to make, they're quick!

angie Cox said...

That red guy had definately been sitting on my shoulder too much of late. I love those pretty cones.