Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's A Girl! It's a Girl!

Meet angelic Emma and Isabelle.

They were born on February 25th (both my son's and father's birthday). They and their older brothers, Connor (age 2) and Jacob (age 4) live near us and Andie and I have been enjoying their company enormously. In fact, we've been having so much fun with all the kids and their mother that we're ready to pack our pillows and sleeping bags and move in with them. LOL (Just kidding Kim!)

Here are the more photos of the girls, modeling their Mason Dixon bibs (thank you Becky for teaching me how to properly finish the pattern)!


Marianne said...

Oh my gosh!
Welcome to the world Emma and Isabelle, may your days be filled with joy and sunshine with a bit of rain thrown in(gotta have those rainbows!) and your evenings filled with peace and your nights be filled with dreams to come true.

They're beautiful!

(ok, now I'm gonna cry, just a little bit, newborn babies do that to

Blue Ridge Knittery said...

Marianne, I know PRECISELY how you feel. :) They (and their brothers) are an absolute joy.

Dianne said... precious!!Ditto on the welcome to the world!!..and how lucky are they to have Dana and Andie for neighbors?..Their bibs are adorable..good work Dana, as always!!

mobishobel said...

What lovely ladies! And now they have lovely bibs. All the better to inspire them to become fantastic knitters themselves! (You know, once they get past the whole "sleeping for twenty hours a day" thing. Hang on, now that I think about it, hey Emma and Isabelle, wanna trade?)

Marianne said...

Earrings?!?!?!?!? Oh, I DO want to see!!! (I'll then make some for myself) now, with what you did? I'd say you're pretty darned brilliant yourself!!!
can't wait to see them!