Wednesday, November 08, 2006

O.C.D. or just plain Anal?

Unfinished projects drive me nuts. I can't explain it except to say I grew up hearing things like "If you're going to do it, do it right," and "Once you start something, see it through." That said, Andie's uber-pink scarf had been tormenting me...teasing me...begging me to complete it, so I did.

Andie insisted on a 20 stitch cast-on and the fiber is a bulky Lamb's pride, so the first skein equalled the length of a dishtowel. Needless to say, (she) I needed more yarn to complete the project. I bought a second skein of (Pepto) Pink and to break up it up a little, I also got a skein of Victorian Pink. Now Andie has a monstrously long and wide scarf for winter in colors that she probably won't even want to touch in two years. However, the scarf is now silent and I'm onto other things. :) Namely, washcloths. Quick, easy and suitable for Christmas. I plan on giving washcloths and homemade soap as little gifts.


Dianne said...

Yeah...lovely as always..and don't you love the wash/dish cloths?...I've really gotten into those as well...and there are some really super patterns available..amazing people love them..but say..'they're too pretty to use'...Have you done the squirrel pattern?'s adorable!!

Marianne said...

How cool is this! a dragonfly!
Now just where did this pattern come from, or did you design it?